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Is Sex A Food?

Complete Life's Guide Team- September 16, 2021



This is a question that needed to be tackled and it is one of the challenges faced by many especially newly married couples. This is what ladies need to understand. Many ladies believe that SEX is all about reproduction that to be producing children only and that ought to be engaged with their man whenever they need it.

Sex is not all about making children alone. Women need to understand that they need sex, likewise to men also and this need is for both. Though, Creator of human make this available for us all to enjoy as human being, and this is the benefit we have as human to enjoy with one another as man and woman. The need for this intimacy is from both wife and husband to understand, and as a woman also need to be a different to her husband every time.

You got to seduce your man, and don't always allow your husband to ask for Sex whenever he need to; and there must be no any time table or rules regarding for intimacy in any circumstance with your husband as some women do...

Be creative,

Don't be predictable, but be creative. Give your man what he wants. And, If you lose influence over your husband, you have lost your womanhood. Be part of your husband plans.

You don't need to have too many children, though this might have been a thought between you and your husband, even as these days, you got to have a plan together as to number of children you want.

Do allow your husband to check in and out having sex with you at anytime he feels like. When a man is sexually satisfied, there's no how, HE will always be emotionally stable.

Stop saying, is Sex a FOOD? Yes, sex is food!

Most of the woman should know that man needs this SEX most, and it reduce tension on your husband even after retired from day to day activities at work to cool down the brain.

As wife, try to invest in yourself so you can adequately support your husband in area where you think he needed your helps because you're helped for each other.

Don't be expected or allow your husband to provide all your needs, as some woman do, he is not a money making machine, even if he satisfies you financially. You got to know this that, iron sharpens iron, try to be reciprocate.

You are meant to support each other physically, monetarily spiritually, and morally through thick and thin. You are a builder...

Wise woman build her home. Women need wisdom to build their homes. Do not be too outspoken, know when to talk, when to listen and when to be quiet.

Many wife are too open to the extend telling all her fellow friends how their husband gives them nice treat, or saying everything about their household, and good things about their husband but later back fire at them, this is wrong.
And not every words your man says you replied. Learn to be quiet at times. And also be more careful as a woman to friends and peoples you tells about your husband good things he had done because you never can tell who is after you and that’s where jealous of other women comes in to affect your relationship, therefore be wise!

Love your husband with all your heart, never tell him, if not for my children, No, you don't need to say that...remember you've known him before the arrival of your children.

You've got to pamper your husband, put his head on your chest and say a pray for him. Give him unannounced kiss from the back even at any time… Do all this in your closet whenever you are both together.

Don't be too shy to kiss in the public, as some women feel is not necessary. Many women does that to be shy giving their Man kiss in public, even to holding hands together is a real problem.

You need to stop all the shyness and do the right things. If it is to peck, then try doing it to appreciate your man. He is your husband of course. He’s the gods for you and you don't need to be shy of him.

Be romantic!

And also try to be in a smile at all the time. Remember, it is good for the heart. Do you know that some people were not happy that you're in a sweet happy union, or in good relationship, so proof them wrong that you love him so much, and he is your crown, always feel good around him even when you hold him.

Don't look like age 50 as a woman, while you're still under age 30; this do drives men crazy. Always keep yourself in totally fit regardless of your age, or your body shape.

If you're fat and you discovered your husband reaction to your fatness, then try do something to let him know or ask whether He like the way you look or to adjust yourself. But whatever your man says or decide, do because He’s involved.

In this, know what your husband like most in your body shapes, feature and your body language.

Whatever your husband want or demanded from you, do it as some men would tell their wife what they want from them so they won't be flirting around out-side. In that aspect, be really happy to expose yourself freely and do whatever he wants you to do, as such would make your man to be more pleases with you.

For MEN,

Do not take woman who does all these things to satisfy you for granted!

Pampering your woman , treat for her good, cherish most her, love her most and support her physically, even monetarily, and make her feel like she's real woman in the world you married.

This will make her as a woman, a Home Maker for both of you, as this will be a sign of sound and perfect union together, and be unique to each other no matter the situation you both find yourselves. Enjoy your love!



This post is written from one of the team members of Complete Life’s Guide in Africa, (Nigeria), to educate and Reunion the family and for every woman out there that desire a better relationship and a good home



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