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Fitness & Weight Loss

The Detox Diet- Losing Weight the Natural Way

Complete Life's Guide Team- August 4, 2021

If you prefer the natural way of life—organic foods, home-grown vegetables, and fishing for yourself—the detox diet may be just what you’re looking for. This diet plan is designed to rid the

7 Reasons You Need To Exercise

Complete Life's Guide Team- August 6, 2021

Many of us need to follow an exercise program, in order to remain healthy and strong.  Below, you'll find several good reasons why you should start exercising right now...

Be Healthy And Strong

Complete Life's Guide Team- August 7, 2021

Being active makes a person healthy and strong. It is not just for people who have a weight problem but for everyone who likes to stay fit.  There is a lot a person can do such jog or walks every...

10 Tips Fitness for Women- To Stay Fit And Healthy

Complete Life's Guide Team- August 9, 2021

To stay healthily fit starts with a good balanced diet. Know and monitor the right weight for your age. Consult your Doctor to learn what food you should avoid and follow your eating discipline...

How Exercise Can Benefit You And Your Complexion

Complete Life's Guide Team- September 10, 2021

As we all know and hear all the time, exercise can do a body good.  It can help you to stay trim, tone muscles, and help to boost energy as well.  What you probably don't know, is the fact that exercise...

Exercise Back Pain Away

Complete Life's Guide Team- September 14, 2021

According to past research and studies, nearly 80% of all Americans will experience some type of back pain in their lives.  The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons believes this as well, as they say 80% of us out there will encounter some...

Choosing The Right Exercise For You

Complete Life's Guide Team- September 20, 2021

The type of exercise you do all depends on you and what you like to do.  What you hate doing, paying membership fees, and whether or not to buy equipment are all things you need to consider as well as answer If you choose something that you don't

If You Want to Lose Weight, Don't Skip Breakfast?

Complete Life's Guide Team- September 23, 2021

In the morning, you may find that you are playing a continual game of “catch up.”  You’re rushing to the shower, rushing through traffic, rushing to work.  You may feel as if you don’t have time for breakfast, let alone a nutritious

The Secrets to Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Complete Life's Guide Team- September 27, 2021

Sarah is a pregnant mother of three who continues to breast-feed her 18-month-old.  After each of her pregnancies,  she has had difficulty losing weight.  With all of her responsibilities, weight loss isn’t a priority... 

Pregnancy: After Giving Birth, Should You Return to Work?

Complete Life's Guide Team- September 31, 2021

Are you a woman who has just recently had a baby?  If you are, congratulations!  The birth of a new child is a fun, adventurous, and memorable experience.  Although work may be the farthest thing from your

Moderate Exercises to Body Fitness

Complete Life's Guide Team- October 1, 2021

Have you ever felt tired and stressed out from work and by the time you returned home you see your three children running towards you asking you to play basketball with them? You refused and promised them that you will after you take you....

Be A Man of Fitness

Complete Life's Guide Team- October 9, 2021

Fitness is the essence of a man. Fitness is the ability of a person to do his normal everyday tasks with full alertness and vigor without worrying about fatigue afterward and with extra energy in reserve which can be useful when emergencies arise or during leisure and recreation. Overall fitness...

Fitness Exercise: 10 Things You Should Know About Stretching

Complete Life's Guide Team- October 10, 2021

The amount of physical exercise that you exert during the day is one of the key ingredients to helping you get a good sleep at night.  The more active your body is during the day, the more likely you are to relax at night and fall

How Exercise Can Makes You Have Better Sleeping

Complete Life's Guide Team- October 15, 2021

Many couples are often curious about their sex life and how it compares to the sex life of others. In all honesty, you are able to determine, on your own, if your sex life is good, happy, and healthy.  With that said, there are some common signs that you... 

Doing Exercise If You Suffering From Asthma

Complete Life's Guide Team- October 16, 2021

If you suffering from asthma, you probably think that you can't exercise properly or safely.  Contrary to what many think of this subject, there are ways that you can get in shape and exercise proper, even if you suffering from asthma...