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5 Ways to Improve Your Intimacy With Your Husband

Complete Life's Guide Team- August 26, 2021


Are you married?  If you are, you likely love your husband.  With that said, love isn’t always enough to keep a relationship going strong.  Intimacy is very important to having a strong, happy, and healthy relationship.

Let me ask? How is your life in the bedroom?  Do you think that your sex and intimacy can be improved?  If so, you may be nervous about discussing the subject with your husband.  After all, your husband may wrongly get the impression that they don’t satisfy you anymore.  If you are interested in improving your intimacy with your husband, here are still a number of other, different approaches that you can take but a few of these approaches are touched on some certain things below;

1. Date Him

If you and your husband have been married for a while now and something is not going well as you ting should be, there is a good possibility that you haven’t gone out on a date in a while.  Many married couples get to a point in their relationship that is commonly called “the comfort zone.”  This zone is not one that you want to be in, as your relationship may feel more like a friendship.  To prevent this from happening, ask your husband out on a date.

Although many wives believe that their husbands should be the one doing the date and they feel somehow to ask. You sometimes have to take hold of the situation too yourself.  It may be one of those times.  Choose an activity that is romantic, such as a romantic comedy for a movie or a nice restaurant with a surprise to your husband even unnoted. At time some women do prepare a kind of delicious meal to spark up their intimacy with their husband at home. Whatever may be try do something unique to increase your intimacy. This can help to spark a little bit of romance and passion in your relationship, which may lead to better and closer intimacy at home.

2. Show Some Romantic Gestures

When it comes to “wowing,” in a relationship, women sometimes think that men should do it.  You will also want to “wow,” your husband, like you did the first time that you met.  One of the easiest ways to do so is by performing a number of romantic gestures.  When you go out shopping with your husband, grab their hand and hold it, nothing to shame of or shy about, after all is your man.  When walking in the house, give them a quick kiss. Sending a love note to work with them is another romantic gesture that you may want to try. Do anything funny in a surprise to your man. Let your though fill his heart. In fact such man would be swimming in love with you at all time, at home even anywhere.

3. Be Sexy and Seductive

If your marriage enters into the above mentioned comfort zone, sex and intimacy may seem like a thing of the past.  If you do have sex, it may seem more like a responsibly, a chore, or even work.  To help reduce these feelings, be sexy and seductive.  Do not wait for your husband to initiate sex and do not ask if your husband is up for it first, just get right down to business.

In the closet, naked yourself in front of him, let him feel high and strip for your husband or simply just remove his clothes. Snuggle next to them on the couch and just start massaging his whole body.  You may be surprised just how easy and effective it is to be sexy and seductive.

4. Be Spontaneous

As it was previously stated, do not ask your husband if he wants to have sex, no that is wrong and do not wait for him to start.  Instead, take matters into your own hands, stripe yourself naked. At time you might wear something short or pant walking in your closet or anything showing your body for him to see you.  Whether you start with a little bit of foreplay or jump right into the intercourse, do so in any way to spark him up. Your husband should like the surprise. Also, remember that being spontaneous involves having sex at different times of the day, give him raw in different styles as well as in different locations of the house.

5. Offer to Experiment In the Bedroom

To improve your sex life and intimacy, it is important to know that a change can do you good.  You may want to suggest to your husband that you experiment in the bedroom or take them up on their suggestion to do so.  Remember that experimenting in the bedroom doesn’t have to mean getting an additional sex partner or doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.  A new sex position may be just be introduce is what your relationship needs.

As you can see, there are a number of easy ways that you can go about improving your intimacy with your husband.  So what are you waiting for?  Get started right now today. Wow!!


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